New Hebron Christian School

3rd Grade

Educational Objectives

Our goal at NHCS is to offer a well-rounded education while sharing in Christian fellowship. Our third grade curriculum includes Math, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Shurley English, Writing, and Bible.  As well as weekly classes in Art, P.E., Music and Computers.

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Kara Roberts

Mrs. Kara Roberts graduated with her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing from Murray State University in 2006. She completed her M.A. from Greenville College in 2011, with her K-9 teaching certificate. She has a year of her Ph.D completed through Concordia, but is currently taking a break from her educational endeavors. Mrs. Roberts has taught 3rd grade at NHCS for 3 years. She also teaches GED and Education classes at Olney Central College. Kara also privately tutors students throughout the school year.